No Matter How It Ended It Was A Fitting End For Cox

Bobby Cox brought the Braves to new heights and kept them there for over a decade and an half.

It’s been 12 days since the Braves season and Bobby Cox’s managerial career came to an end.  Fredi Gonzalez will take over as manager next season as we all know.  As for the title of this article, what do I mean by that?  Well before we move  forward let’s  first look backward.  I’ve grown up a lifelong Braves fan, which wasn’t always fun and games.

I was 7 years old on August 21, 1985, the day I went to Fulton Co. Stadium for my first professional sporting event of any kind.  My dad and granddad had taken me to see the Braves host the Cubs.  The Braves were on TBS back then nearly every day and I loved Dale Murphy.  He was larger than life and from my 7 year old eyes it seemed as if he hit a home run every time he came up to bat.  I found the boxscore from that game online.  Murphy did not homer that night.  He went 2 for 4 and the Braves lost 9-5.  But it didn’t matter I was thrilled to be there.

The losing would continue until 1990.  Cox led the turnaround from worst to first and kept the team at a consistently high level for the next 14 years reaching the pinnacle in 1995 with a World Series title. His critics say he only won 1 title.  I say that’s one more than the Bills of the 90′s or the Vikings of the 70′s ever won.  The postseason run would last until 2005.  I was 28 and my team had been playoff contenders for half my life.

The next 4 seasons would be tough to deal with, but 2010 brought about a turnaround.  Cox announced that this would be his final season.  All I wanted him to do was challenge the Phillies in the east and make the playoffs.  He did, with a team so undermanned it was unreal.  Cox once again found himself in the postseason where he belonged, where he deserved to be.  It didn’t end as planned, but it was  a fitting end indeed.  Thanks Bobby.

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