You Never Know When Embarrassing Will Happen

In the NFL everyone is a professional, everyone is big, strong, fast, tough.  Great athletes are everywhere on the field.  Toe to toe confrontations abound, from one on one individual battles to O-line D-line unit wars to the entire team vs. team struggle for a win.  The league is the epitome of parity  But sometimes dominating lopsided performances come from nowhere.

Derek Thomas had 7 sacks in a single game in 1990.  The offensive tackle assigned to DT no doubt wanted to find a hole big enough to fit him and crawl into it.  The Giants had 12 sacks in a game in 2007 and 9 sacks in a HALF this season.  Again, offensive lines just wanted to make themselves disappear off the field the way they had on it.  That leads us to today.

Kenny Britt lit up the Eagles, but I want to get to the Raiders dropping 59 on the Broncos.  Darren McFadden had 16 carries for 165 yards, or in simple math, a first down every time he touched the ball.  It’s a division game with the hated Raiders.  It’s a home game for Denver who was coming in wanting to erase a 2 game losing streak.  I don’t gamble, but  they were 7 point favorites and the over/under was 43.  Oakland was almost there at halftime.  They set a franchise record with the 59 point outburst and left the Broncos reeling.

“I expected it to be a streetfight,” said Tom Cable.   Everyone expects NFL games to be streetfights, that’s why games like these are always so shocking.  Mike Shanahan was 27-6 against the Raiders as coach of the Broncos.  It’s as if Oakland was trying to repay Denver for all those losses in one fell swoop.  Sad thing about it, they almost did.

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