Shattered Expectations

In my about the author section I let you know I’m a Cowboys fan.  There’s no way I can go without writing something about them.  Sometimes when the dust settles or the smoke clears, things aren’t as bad as they seem.  Other times the disaster is devastating and the damage is unreal.  That is where Dallas is.

I never drank all the Cowboys will be in the Super Bowl just because they were hosting it this year kool-aid.  Here were my honest expectations at the start of the season.  I thought they would maintain or slightly build on last year. They would get off to a good start, play decent football, make the playoffs and be one and done again.  I always thought the pressure, from Jerry, to the media, to the fans, to the players themselves to be the first team to play a Super Bowl in its own stadium would be to much to overcome.

That was confirmed by the Washington game with bone headed end of half and end of game play.  A loss to the Bears in the home opener, a lackluster performance against Tennessee, close to loss to the Vikings who have as many issues as Dallas does, and then the capper Monday night.  Refusing to let the Giants gift wrap a win for them before Tony Romo was lost for the bulk of the season.

What do you fix first when you don’t know where to start?  Jerry if Cowher wants to coach again, break the bank and get him, and then step back and let him coach. Barry  Switzer said “We did it our way!” after the Cowboys won their last Super Bowl  Let Bill do it his way.

Agree, disagree, agree to disagree.  It doesn’t matter.  Feel free to scroll down and leave a comment.

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