Consider Me Impressed

Kobe and the Lakers came up short all day vs. the Heat. photo




Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the Heat, I’m not a Heat fan, but I don’t hate them.  I think “The Decision”  could have been handled better, but hey give Miami credit for being able to pull off those blockbuster deals.  That said, I have been sitting back with my arms folded waiting for them to really really do something.  They’ve beaten the inferior teams for the most part, all year long.  But when it came to the other elite teams in the league they have had their struggles.  Outside of wins against Orlando and Utah, the rest of the big boys have pushed Miami around.

This made yesterday’s game all the more impressive.  The Lakers were extra motivated to face the Heat.  They felt disrespected by Miami getting all the attention over the summer.  They even laid an egg Tuesday at home against Milwaukee because we all knew they overlooked the Bucks because Miami was coming to town.  Or so we thought.

The Lakers race out to a 14 point first quarter?  Kobe and Pau fail to score?  What?!?  We all waited for the rally, the patented Laker run.  We waited for Kobe to get angry and just take over the game and it never happened.  He did get angry, but that was about it.  The Heat didn’t allow any rallies or takeovers though.  The Lakers were outscored in every quarter and Miami cruised.  I know its just one game of 82 for both, but I have to admit that Miami really really did something yesterday.

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