Gettin’ Some Love

Love thinks every rebound is his. Most of the time he's right.

Finally!  I am a Rockets fan, and I felt Love should have been on the All-Star team from the start.  What else does the guy need to do?  Moses Malone and Dennis Rodman think he’s a beast on the boards.

He’s played in 52 games and has 47 double-doubles.  These aren’t 11 point 10 rebound games either.  He’s averaging 21 and 15, which puts him 17th in the league in scoring and 1st in rebounding.  Dwight Howard is 14th in scoring, 2nd in rebounding, Blake Griffin is 12th and 4th, and Pau Gasol is 28th and 5th.  Those guys are all All-Stars.

But he plays on a losing team.  So does Blake Griffin.  Love isn’t highlight reel material like Griffin is but his numbers are every bit as impressive.  Minnesota improved to 13-39 last night by beating, you guessed it, my Yao-less Rockets 112-108 in overtime.  What did Love do? Oh nothing, just his usual 20 and 14.  What a shock, right on his average.

He has to be recognized some way.  He won’t win the MVP, won’t sniff the playoffs.  This will be the highlight of his season personally.  This is the only highlight for the Wolves organization and fans.  Let them be happy for him playing in the All-Star Game in  L. A. (he is a former UCLA guy) with the rest of league’s best.  He belongs right there with them.  Besides, Love and Tubby’s Gophers are the only things going on in Minny until the Twins get things rolling this spring.

Agree, disagree, agree t disagree.  It doesn’t matter.  Feel free to scroll down and leave a comment.

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