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When it comes to made 3's, Ray Allen is alone at the top. Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Ray Allen has had a great career.  In some ways it’s underrated, in some ways it may be inverted.  When players are mentioned, especially really good to great players,  we usually think about the team they were on in their prime.  We think about what they accomplished in their prime.  With Allen I barely remember his days in Milwaukee and Seattle, but when he retires I’ll remember what he did toward the end of his career as a Celtic.

This isn’t meant as a shot at Ray.  His game has been the one constant throughout his career.  He was just as accurate a shooter in Milwaukee,  moved just as well without the ball in Seattle.  He’s always put in the work.  Going to Boston and winning a title just made us aware, made us re-realize  that Ray has always been there.

His career has been quiet, steady, but always consistent.  He’s a 10 time All-Star, 10!  Is there a more under the radar double digit All-Star?  Last night he reached a milestone that looks to keep him atop the record books for quite some time. He surpassed Reggie Miller and became the all time leader in made three pointers.  He ended the night with 2,562 total three’s.

When it comes to the numbers, it’s all about Ray and Reggie.  They are the only two with more than 6,000 attempts and 2,500 makes.  Jason Kidd, surprised he’s even on the list is 3rd, and he’s 806 away from tying Miller.  The record seems very safe for Allen for a very long time.  The other active guys on the list are all on the downside of their careers just like Kidd is.  The record is well deserved, the recognition is well deserved.  We realize what Ray’s about, this just puts the icing on the cake, as Ray continues to quietly go on about his business.

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