Bumps in the Road

Parker was his normal self Friday. photo:thejerseychaser.com


That’s the way it seemed for the Spurs earlier in the week.  They have been rolling along all season.  They went into Memphis Tuesday sitting at 49-10.  They were playing without Tony Parker who was supposed to be out 2-4 weeks with at calf strain.  They left Memphis with their 11th loss of the season.

Now came questions as to how they would respond, they hadn’t faced a lot of adversity.  How would they handle this?  They won at Cleveland Wednesday, everyone except the Lakers does that though.  The real test would be against the Heat coming into town on Friday night.  Or so we thought.  Funny thing happened, Tony Parker showed up, Miami didn’t.

Parker played, had his usual 15 and 8 assists, right around his average.  The Spurs won 125-95 and never had to strain themselves.  San Antonio jumped out to a 36-12 first quarter lead and the game was over before it started.   Miami just did what they always do, lose to the good teams.  They are 1-8 against the top 5 teams in the league now.  I wrote this thinking that the Spurs may finally have some bumps in their road, but turns out it’s the same old bumps the Heat always run into.  Popavich will have the Spurs ready come playoff time even if Parker’s injury had ended up being as serious as everyone thought it would be.  The Lakers come to San Antonio tomorrow afternoon, maybe they’ll at least show up and give the Spurs a game.

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