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At 9-3, Washington and the Rangers are already trying to run away with the A. L. West photo credit:en.wikipedia.org

The Rangers don’t seem to be affected by their World Series run last year.  Of course, as I started writing this they went out and lost two straight games.  At 9-3, they still have the best record in the American League, but two losses could become five if they aren’t careful in their next three games with the Yankees.

They made news recently when Josh Hamilton called out his third base coach, Dave Anderson, for sending him home from third on a pop up in foul territory because no one was covering home plate.  Hamilton, who has since apologized, was tagged out and broke a bone in his arm sliding head first into home plate.

Losing Hamilton will be tough, but it won’t be devastating.  That’s not a knock on Hamilton as much as it is a credit to the Rangers as a team.  Was it a bad call to send Hamilton home on that play?  Probably, but if he doesn’t get hurt, no mention of this is made.  Given his history, if he doesn’t get injured on that play there’s a good chance it happens on some other play.  In each of he last two seasons he’s been sidelined three separate times by various different injuries.

The rest of the team is more than capable of picking up the slack, and have proven they can win without him in the lineup.  Their pitching is solid, leading the A. L. with a 2.55 ERA and second in opponent’s batting average.  Teams are only hitting .206 against them.  We know they are always going to hit.  Once again, they are near the top of the league with a .269 team batting average, and second with 18 home runs.

Hamilton is an aggressive player, he plays all out, he plays hard.  Ron Washington manages with the same aggressive, high intensity approach.  More often than not it’s a perfect match.  This time it backfired on them.  Hamilton and his all around game will be back in a few weeks and he’ll be back in the mix helping Texas contend all summer  long.

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