The Second Season Is Here

Melo and Amare have the Knicks back in the playoffs. photo

We just got our hoops bellies full with March Madness, now it’s time to feast on the NBA Playoffs.  It’s time to try and watch as many games as possible and for those of us in  Eastern Standard Time, we will stay up to late watching those Western Confeence games.  The first round will be good, my only complaint, and I’m showing my age, (33) is that I  wish it was still best out 5 series in the first round like it was back in the day instead of best out of 7.  But money and TV deals talk, so we’ve adjusted accordingly.   Lets look at the matchups.

Eastern Conference

#1 Bulls vs. #8 Pacers

Derrick Rose and Bulls finished with the best record in the league.  They rarely lose at the United Center.   They appear ready to make a deep postseason run.  America will get to see Danny Granger’s game on full display.  The Pacers could build on this going in to next year.  Bulls sweep the series.

#2 Heat vs. #7 76ers

Miami is playing well, LeBron and his “Heatles” are figuring each other out.  Philadelphia started the season 3-13, but went 38-28 the rest of the way.  They will cause Miami some problems.  Bosh will be tired of Elton Brand’s physicality, but the Heat will win in six.

#3 Celtics vs. #6 Knicks

Can the Celtics gear up for one more deep run or will old age finally catch up with them?  We all know about the mileage that Shaq and Jermaine O’neal have on them.  They have to find a way to stay healthy.  Amare and Melo have the Knicks in the Playoffs for the first time since 2004.  I don’t see them staying long, Celtics win in five.

#4 Magic vs. #5 Hawks

This series is all about pride to me.  Do the Hawks have any?  These two teams met in the playoffs last year and Orlando dominated, winning all four games in blowout fashion.  I think Atlanta shows up and battles, but Orlando wins in seven.

Western Conference

#1 Spurs vs. #8 Grizzlies

The same questions that concern Boston concern the Spurs too.  Do they have to  many miles on those legs and can they stay healthy?   Manu Ginobili is doubtful for game 1 and Memphis has had success against San Antonio this season.  I think they find a way to flip the proverbial switch.  Memphis’ regular season success won’t translate to the playoffs.  Spurs win in five.

#2 Lakers vs. #7 Hornets

The Lakers attempt to three peat again.  They finished the season sluggishly, but they will be motivated now since it’s playoff time.  Chris Paul will try hard, but he can’t do it by himself.  Lakers sweep.

#3 Mavericks vs. #6 Trail Blazers

Dallas appears ready to put their first round disasters of the past behind them, but Portland is a tough especially at home.  I think this is a long series that Dallas wins in six tough games.

#4 Thunder vs. #5 Nuggets

Denver figured things out and played great after the Carmelo trade went down.  They seemed glad to have all of that behind them.  Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, and Kendrick Perkins down low will be to much for them to handle.  Thunder take it in six.  It’s almost game time, Heat and Sixers will tip soon, and even if the picks turn out to  all wrong it’s still fun to watch.

Agree, disagree, agree to disagree?  It doesn’t matter.  Feel free to scroll down and leave a comment.


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