Playing Great by the Lake

Hafner appears to be back to his 2004-06 form. photo

Every year we usually know who some of the contenders in baseball will be.  Large payrolls talk the loudest so the Yankees and Red Sox will always be in the mix more often than not.

What we don’t know is who the surprise team will be and if they can play well for the entire season.  The Indians are trying their best to be that team.  Going into tonight they are 12-5, they were 8-9 after 17 games last year and didn’t win their 12th game until May 11.

They have swept the Orioles, this season’s former surprise Flavor of the Week, and the Red Sox, who are playing they way most thought Cleveland would play.  The numbers don’t lie, the Indians are 3rd in batting average at .268, 3rd in ERA at 3.26, and 5th in fielding at .986.  Travis Hafner’s return to form and health will determine how far Cleveland goes as well.  So far so good, he’s off to a fast start batting .346 with 4 home runs.

The season is long, with all sorts of peaks and valleys.  Teams get hot, then get cold.  The Indians main competition for Flavor of the Week status comes from their own division.  Kansas City is 1 game back at 11-6.  They’ve split the first two games of a four games series and play game 3 tonight at Kansas City.  The A. L. Central is upside down right now, maybe its right side up and the Indians and Royals will battle for first all year long.  Either way, those fans need to go to the park and enjoy it while it lasts.

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