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This is how I remember Zeke.

Football season is coming, college for sure, the NFL, probably, I’ll believe it when I see it.  So I just wanted to throw this out there before it was time to jump into football.  I was listening to Colin Cowherd and Chris Broussard a few weeks ago during the NBA Playoffs.  They were doing their all time greatest lists.  I started to do this as a best all time point guards list but it’s been done a hundred different times a hundred different ways.  So I’ll just get to the point.

Cowherd and Broussard did and All Time NBA First and Second team.  Neither one of them had Isiah Thomas on their lists at the point guard position.  I still consider myself a young guy, (fairly) I didn’t see some of the great guards in NBA history play but I can’t see Zeke not making the list.  I know Magic is at one spot, he’s considered the greatest PG of all time, I get it.  I know Oscar Robertson played the point, but he was also a shooting guard, probably the best combo guard ever.

Moving the Big O to the two guard spot creates a log jam because you know MJ is at the other spot.  Then you have to ask what to do about Jerry West, the Logo has to be there.  I get that too,  but Zeke has to be there somewhere.  I say make a combo guard spot for the Big O to have all to himself.

I realize Isiah’s post-basketball moves have been a little sketchy, he’s had some issues off of the court.  None of that should affect what he did as a player.  Those accomplishments should be separate and stand on their own.  I never was a Pistons fan, but if I’m starting a team he’s the first point guard I’m taking hands down and I’ve always felt that way.  He’s a pure point, my definition of the way you want the position to be played.  He could score, distribute, take over the game if necessary.  He was the total package.  This isn’t a knock on Magic.  Maybe because at 5’9″ it was always easier for me to relate to Isiah.  My eyes always gravitated to the shortest guy on the court and he always handled his business.  Maybe it was because of his game which had that fiery toughness, also had that smooth, athletic, graceful style to go with it.  Again, not a shot at Magic.

Did I mention toughness?

The fact that he wasn’t on the Original Dream Team is a joke and will always be a mystery to me.  I know about the feud with MJ, and how a lot of guys didn’t like him.  They didn’t have to like each other, they just had to come together and blow out the competition like they were already going to.  Isiah should have been part of that.  We’re talking about the first Olympic team to have NBA players on it and the best point guard in the game at that time wasn’t on the team.

Like I said, I didn’t see West, The Big O, and those guys play, I’ve seen quite a few clips though.  Some of you from that era may make some points and “straighten me out”, which is fine.  When it comes to point guards, Isiah’s the guy for me.  Just giving him a little love, that’s all.

Agree, disagree, agree to disagree?  It doesn’t matter.  Feel free to scroll down and leave a comment.








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