Steel Trap

Harrison is just as tough off the field as he is on it.

James Harrison will tell you what he thinks.  He’s let it be known that he’s definitely not a fan of Roger Goodell.  Crook, puppet, Devil, and stupid are just a few of the adjectives Harrison have sent the Commissioner’s way in an interview with Men’ Journal.  The league made a lot of rules changes due to the amount of concussions that took place last year.

Harrison was on the receiving end of a lot of those fines for some of his hits.  It’s easy to see how he felt like there were Harrison Rules.  They had to affect the way he  plays the game, handcuff his ability to fly around, as if all the rules made that favor the quarterbacks and the offense haven’t done that already.  It’s football, tackle football, guys know what they’re in for before they start to play.

All that said, Harrison has to know that continually going after Goodell isn’t going to get him anywhere in the end.  It will just make the target on his back that much bigger.  Every play he makes will just be scrutinized that much more.  More shocking were his comments about his own teammates.  When asked about Roethlisberger, Harrison criticized him for throwing a pick in the Steelers Super Bowl loss to the Packers and for putting the defense back out there on the short side of the field.  He also said Ben should “hand the ball off and stop trying to act like Peyton Manning.  You ain’t that and you know it man, you just get paid like he does.”

Honestly, there’s some truth to that.  Big Ben isn’t Peyton Manning, never has been.  His game is totally different but you still don’t expect a teammate to call him out like that, at least not now, since he hasn’t been in the news for the wrong reasons lately.  Big Ben said he and Harrison were “fine” for what it’s worth.  Maybe he was just having a bad day, he also called Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall a “fumble machine” even though the numbers aren’t really there to support that claim.  He referenced the Patriots cheating from 2004, again old news but true, and posed for the article cover with a couple of pistols which the league and the Steelers front office will surely find amusing.

It will be interesting to see how this shakes out.  As cool as Mike Tomlin is, I like him, he just coaches the wrong team, he’s going to have his hands full with this one.

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