Bout Time

Valedictorian Goodell and Salutatorian Smith got things done in time.

The Les Miles Institute of Clock Management produced two more graduates today.  On behalf of Les and the institute let me congratulate valedictorian Roger Goodell and salutatorian DeMaurice Smith on finding a way to get a CBA deal between players and owners done in the final minutes in Les-like fashion.

Les always finds a way to pull an improbable win out of chaos more often than not.  Roger and DeMaurice did the same thing.  With each passing day the league was getting closer and closer to cutting into preseason and regular season games.  Now there’s a new 10 year deal in place and things should be relatively peaceful again for a while.

Fans, players, owners, coaches, and media members can now move on and get ready for the start of the season in as close to a normal manner as possible.  The condensed free agency period is going to be insane with deals going down all over the place.  The only ones who will be adversely affected will be the citizens of Canton.  The lockout lasted to long for them to have the Hall of Fame Game.  The game began in 1962 and had been played every year except for 1966 when there was no game.  Granted the football wasn’t great, but it was football and it let you know that better football was around the corner.  It is kind of like SEC Media Days, minus all the media, the unofficial official start of the season.

In no way does this compare to the 1994 MLB lockout that choked out the playoffs and World Series, but it’s still a blunder nonetheless that the people (and businesses for sure) of Canton will probably remember for a quite a while.  But give the NFL credit, they know it’s better to miss a little bit at the start of the season than jeopardize the end.  Imagine if this lockout had started in week 13 and wiped out the playoffs and the Super Bowl!! Roger and “D”, hilarious when Goodell calls him D, would have to go into the Witness Protection Program.   It seems like they know it’s not how you start a lockout, it’s how you finish one.  They did learn something from the Les Miles Institute after all.

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