You Are Now Free to Move About the NFL

Chad joins Haynesworth in New England, can they coexist with The Hoody?

Let me just say this right off the bat.  By the time I finish writing this and click Publish, it will be obsolete.  That is how fast this free agency, um free urgency, according to ESPN is going.  We knew it would be crazy, but c’mon now!  These moves are more unpredictable than the weather.  G.M.’s are doing months and months of work in a matter of days.  But to quote Frankie Beverly, they’ll “get through these changin’ times”.

For those wondering about the Frankie Beverly reference

I’m just going to highlight a few moves that stood out to me.

Donovan McNabb to the Vikings:  He’s going to a better team offensively.  He leaves behind that mess in Washington.  Maybe he can show he still has something left in the tank.  It would’ve been nice if he had Sidney Rice to throw to.  Speaking of . . .

Sidney Rice to the Seahawks:  Wonder if would have stayed if he knew McNabb was coming to town?  He’s definitely familiar with Tarvaris Jackson.

Tarvaris Jackson to the Seahawks:  When the Vikings drafted Ponder and traded for McNabb, the writing was on the wall.  At least he’ll have Sidney Rice and former Vikings offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell in Seattle as well to make the transition smoother.

Jason Babin to the Eagles:  He had a big year last year with the Titans.  I think he’s a good fit in Philly.  I’m not a fan of anything that benefits the Eagles, Giants or Redskins.

Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals:  Outside of the LeBron to the Knicks talk we heard forever, this might have been the 2nd most anticipated move in sports.  We’ve been waiting on Kolb to be moved for a long time.  He finally gets his shot to be the man.

Reggie Bush to the Dolphins:  Ho hum.  On the bright side, he gets to live and work in Miami and it will be easier to watch the Heat play.  Good thing he won a ring before he left New Orleans.

Greg Olsen to the Panthers:  Jay Cutler is going to miss him more than he’ll miss Kristen Cavallari.

Chad Ochocinco to the Patriots:  They say they’ve been friends for a while.  It’s easy to say now.  The Hoody disciplined Wes Welker for making foot jokes about Rex Ryan before last year’s playoff game against the Jets.  What will happen when Mr. OCNN himself gets going this season?

As for Jerry and my Cowboys, Leonard Davis, Marc Colombo, and Marion Barber were released in cost cutting, rebuilding moves.

The next 2 moves are in the special category.  They had to be highlighted by themselves in their own category.

The Addition by Subtraction Category:  Runner up, Roy Williams getting released by the Cowboys.  Now Dez Bryant can blossom to his full potential without having Roy around to stunt his growth.  He can show up to practice and watch Miles Austin and Jason Witten work and go on to have the type of career we know he’s capable of having.

The winner is: Albert Haynesworth to the Patriots.  Roy had the top spot locked up until the news of Albert leaving D.C. went down.  The Hoody is at it again, playing around with all those draft picks of his.  We’ve seen this before, him bringing in “trouble” guys like Randy Moss and Corey Dillon. He teaches them the mystical ways of how to be a Patriot and reaps all the benefits.  It will be interesting to see if Albert can get his act together up there.  All this cost Belicheck was a 5th round pick . . . in 2013.  When the Pats go to a four man front, Albert and Vince Wilfork will be a load.  Now that all of this is obsolete already, let’s see what happens today.

Agree, disagree, agree to disagree?  Doesn’t matter.  Feel free to leave a comment.


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