You Are Now Free to Move About the NFL Part II

He's not Nnamdi, but Joseph will definitely help the Texans.

Just picking up where we left off yesterday.  Moves are still being made, not as wild as yesterday, but it’s still not done either.  So here we go.

Johnathan Joseph to the Texans:  He will help them for sure, their pass D was rough last year.  Are they still trying to get Nnamdi too?

Willis McGahee to the Broncos:  John Fox had a strong running game at Carolina, maybe Willis can help get that going in Denver.

Vince Young to the Eagles:  If Mike Vick goes down, is Vince mentally tough enough to handle playing in front of those Philly fans?  He’s not in Nashville anymore.

Darren Sproles to the Saints:  Will he make Saints fans forget about Reggie Bush?

Roy Williams to the Bears:  It’s not quite official yet, but it’s close.  Bears fans, enjoy!  You will wish you had Plax instead.

Now to the other extreme, we go from constant player movement to players at a standstill.  DeSean Jackson is holding out in Philly.  I doubt it will last all season, but I can hope.  Chris Johnson isn’t reporting to Titans camp until he gets a new deal.  Tennessee needs to get this fixed.  Johnson is their only playmaker that they can rely on, Kenny Britt keeps getting in trouble.  They are going to struggle with him, it will only be that much harder without him.

Agree, disagree, agree to disagree?  It doesn’t matter, feel free to scroll down leave a comment.


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