Baton Huge

Miles has had an entire season's worth of problems in one summer.

As in huge problems for the Tigers.  The bar fight at Shady’s in Baton Rouge a few days ago is common knowledge.  But that’s not all the drama the Tigers have to deal with.  The fallout from the fight may be bigger than the fight itself.  Baton Rouge Police said they had “probable cause” to search Jordan Jefferson’s apartment.  They took 49-50 pairs of shoes as well as DNA evidence.  Jefferson is alleged to have had a big role in the brawl. 

College football is huge throughout the nation, and in the South, we know the deal.  College towns vary, and so do the police departments that protect them.  Last year, a similar situation took place in Knoxville, at Bar Knoxville.  Some Vols and some bar patrons got into a scuffle.  Former Vol defensive tackle Montori Hughes allegedly had a fairly large role in that incident.  There weren’t any reports of the KPD doing any forensic work during the investigation.  Interesting, the possible over the top harshness in one instance and the possible leniency in another.

I’m not condoning the brawl, especially when the majority of the team broke curfew to go to Shady’s in the first place, but shoe retrieval and DNA evidence?  Wow, the BRPD isn’t playing.  Who gets to feel the pressure of all of this?  Les Miles.  He already had the Patrick Peterson pay for play drama that surfaced right before SEC Media Days.  Now there’s this, and for good measure, Georgia transfer quarterback Zach Mettenberger, and defensive end Sam Montgomery were held at gun point in an altercation in June.  These guys were victims and did nothing wrong but it’s just something else that Les had to deal with.  Oh and on the field, LSU opens with Oregon in Dallas on September 3.

Oregon has had their share of trouble too, most notably defensive back Cliff Harris and quarterback Darron Thomas.  Could the stats of any more starters be up in the air due to non injuries?  Seriously though, this is a tough way to open a season for the Tigers.  Especially when they also have to make a trip to Morgantown to play West Virginia as well as the stacked SEC West schedule.  If only they could give Tulane a call.

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