Learn From What?!?

Romo: Consistently inconsistent. photo:aolnews.com

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  You can never ever get comfortable watching Tony Romo quarterback the Cowboys.  It can’t be done.  His track record speaks for itself.  He got clutch the past couple games and I gave credit where credit was due.  But Romo went Romo yesterday with a second half pick fest against the Lions in a 34-30 loss.  Two of his three picks were returned for touchdowns.

Romo Shares His Thoughts

“The ball ends up mattering so much.”  This just in, the team that wins the turnover battle usually wins the game.  Dallas won the turnover battle in the first half and coasted to a 20-3 halftime lead.  Romo flips the script in the second half and the Cowboys are outscored 31-10 the rest of the way.  He also said ”I’ll make sure that . . .” and you could tell he was about to say I’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again but he caught himself.  Had he said that he knew he would have been lying, and he knew every media member in the room and everyone watching that video would know he was lying. 

He’s been letting things like this happen for the bulk of his career as a starter.  He talked about reevaluating and learning from it.  How about learning from things a little quicker, like during the game, maybe after the first interception that made it 27-10, while you’re still in control of the game?  Bounce back, keep moving the ball like you had been all day, go down the field and get another 7, or 3, or at worst keep working on the clock and limiting the amount of possessions the Lions would have. 

Dallas had Detroit knocked out on the canvas, the referee had counted to 9 and had the T in 10 on the tip of his tongue.  Tony Romo took a cold, damp rag and put it on the Lions head, helped them to their corner, made sure the cutman didn’t miss any cuts, and put Vaseline on their face himself.  Then he went to his corner, waited for the bell, came out and let the Lions go upside his head with haymaker . . . after haymaker . . . after haymaker.  Stafford and Megatron delivered the knockout punches because no one was there to stop the fight. 

He gave Detroit that spark, then he gave them a flicker, a match, gas can, and gas.  When things go bad, they go real bad in a hurry and he is powerless to stop it.  Could the Cowboys running game be better?  Absolutely.  Would that take pressure off of Romo?  Certainly.  Has Tom Brady historically had a top notch running game?  Nope.  Is he efficient (Buffalo game aside) even though he throws the ball around a lot?  Yep.  Does that prove it can be done?  Yep.  But only if you have a quarterback that makes good decisions.  We all know about Romo’s decision making.   

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