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Cruz has rebounded from a tough ALDS and is tearing it up in the ALCS. photo:www2.lisindiarioo.com

The Texas Rangers are on the verge of defending their crown as American League Champs.  Nelson Cruz has been right in the middle of everything.  He was only 1-15 in the ALDS against Tampa.  He’s batting .357 in this series and became the first player in major league history to hit 2 extra inning home runs in the same postseason series.  You can’t forget his outfield assist that nailed Miguel Cabrera at the plate to keep the score tied.  Mike Napoli deserves major credit for standing in and blocking the plate on the big fella as well.  It wasn’t a Pete Rose – Ray Fosse collision, but it had the potential to be.

This game had been referred to as sort of a must win momentum game for Texas, or at the very least a game Texas needed to win in order to  maitain momentum in the series.  Had they lost last night they would have to face Tigers ace Justin Verlander with a chance to swing the series Detroit’s way in pivotal game 5.  It’s similar to the way St. Louis grabbed the momentum away from Milwaukee last night in game 3 of the NLCS with Chris Carpenter on the mound despite him not pitching great.  Now Texas has a little wiggle room, a little margin for error because all the pressure is squarely on the Tigers.

Meanwhile in New York, Giants receiver Victor Cruz bobbled a catch that led to an interception that iced the game for the Seahawks last Sunday.  Good thing Nelson’s historic week has kept the Cruz name in a positive light.  The Tigers are wounded, closer Jose Valverde was pitching on “heart and fumes” last night according to Jim Leyland.  It’s all there for the taking for the Rangers, will they be able to seal the deal?

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