Cat Questions

The Cats will count on Miller to provide leadership and experience.

Big Blue Madness is upon us.  In just a few short hours fans can get their first look at the 2011-12 Wildcats.  Eagerness is in the air.  With that in mind now is the perfect time to wonder aloud about what the team will look like this year.  What questions do you have about the Cats?  What are your expectations?  What are you excited about?  What are you concerned about?  Who are you looking forward to seeing the most?  Don’t hold back.  Here’s some of mine.

Will Stacey Poole see the floor more this year?

By all accounts Poole has worked hard, done his job and contributed as best he could.  There was a log jam at his position last year and he was left to average 2.8 minutes per game.  Will he be able to work his way into the rotation a little more this season?

What should be expected from Eloy Vargas?

As the only veteran big man, Vargas will have to not only look the part but play the part this year.  Josh Harrellson’s dramatic improvement was much needed with Enes Kanter being ineligible and Vargas’ growing pains.  Jorts isn’t there to get his back this year.  It’s up to Eloy to provide a presence in the pivot and impart knowldege to the other young bigs.

How will UK handle tests on the road?

Kentucky held serve with relative ease at Rupp.  In other venues?  Not so much.  After a win at Louisville things got rough.  Anything that could go wrong did go wrong as UK stumbled to a 2-6 road record in the SEC until they finally scratched out a win at Tennessee in the season finale.  Have they learned from that?  Will they take the intensity they play with in Rupp to the other SEC venues?

That’s just a few questions I have.  Agree, disagree, agree to disagree, let’s hear yours.  Feel free to leave a comment below or on the page at!/Hardyboysportsblog or on Twitter @VinnyHardy.

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