NBA Questions

Will Dirk and the Mavs have enough to repeat?

Thirteen days until the start of the NBA season.  The talk of lockouts, labor strife, BRI, and all that other stuff can finally yield to actual on court conversations.  There are so many questions that everyone wants to know the answer to.  Where do you start?  Might as well start with what should be the most obvious, but probaly the least popular, and most overlooked.

Will the Mavs repeat? 

Their core guys are another year older, playing a 66 game season will help, playing all those back to backs may not.  Tyson Chandler signing with the Knicks and J.J. Barea going to Minnesota are big losses for them.  Lamar Odom arrives in a trade from the Lakers.  It will be interesting to see how he fits in.  If nothing else, it’s safe to say the Mavs have two of the most versatile power fowards in the league.

Should the team that wins the title this year have an asterisk by their name?

Who can forget the Zen Master playing mind games with the Spurs during the 50 game ’99 season?  Every team had a shot to win then just like every team has a shot to win now, some teams shots are just much better than others.  We all know if Phil had been coaching in ’99 and won the title he wouldn’t have turned down another ring for his collection.  Besides that would’ve meant that he would have been able to break Red Auerbach’s record a year sooner.  Asterisk or not he would have jumped at the chance.

Will David Stern veto anymore trades?

Who knows?  I don’t think Bud Selig is silly enough to start meddling that much and he’s got the whole Dodgers mess to deal with.  D-Stern needs to calm down and take a step back.

Where will Chris Paul and Dwight Howard end up?

See the previous question.  Who knows?  Trades are in the works, then they are on hold.  The Lakers are in the mix, then they aren’t.  The Clippers have a deal for Paul, then it falls apart.  Howard wants to go to the Nets then he’s cool with staying with Orlando as long as they continue to make moves that keep then in contention and listen to his request for Mr. Big Shot.  It changes every second.  Chris Broussard and Ric Bucher and all the other insiders have their hands full.

What do the Heatles do this year?

They shouldn’t have any major problems during the regular season.  Probably got all of that out of their system when they were struggling this time last year.  It will be interesting to see how Shane Battier fits into that mix.

Will the Thunder take that next step?

Talked about this over the summer.  They are young and athletic enough to cause trouble, and yet experienced enough to win some of the mental battles that come along with getting to the next level.  Do they have enough experience yet to get over all of those Western Conference hurdles?

All these questions and more will finally have a chance to get sorted out.  It’s good to have the NBA back.  If you have questions feel free to post them below, on the Facebook page at!/Hardyboysportsblog, or on Twitter @VinnyHardy.

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