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Coughlin and his Giants are the latest NFC East team to show hospitality.

The NFC East.  Try if you can to hear the legendary John Facenda saying that in your mind in that majestic voice of his.  It is a tough division, a man’s division, a historic division with fierce rivalries.  Always has been, always will be. 

The team that wins this division more often than not is ready for anything the playoffs have to offer and can usually make a nice playoff run.  Shoot, if a team can survive and secure a wild card spot good things can still happen.  The ’07 Giants grabbed the sixth and final playoff spot that year and won every game on the road including beating the previously undefeated Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.  Of the 45 Super Bowls that have been played the NFC East has won 11, yes 11, just under 25 percent of them.  No other division has performed that well on Super Sunday.  This doesn’t even include all of the NFL championships they won before the Super Bowl existed.

This year is definitely an exception to that rule.  There is a chance that an 8-8 record could win the NFC East.  Take a minute and let that penetrate your mind.  An 8-8 record could win the NFC East.  If Philly wins out, the Giants split their last two, and Dallas loses out all three finish 8-8 and the “Dream Team” would walk away with the division title.  The fact that the Eagles are even in the mix speaks to the unbelievable job Dallas and New York have done of squandering things.  Last year’s NFC West isn’t even impressed with the NFC East this year.  The division is right there to be won but each team is to busy trying to give it to someone else.

The Giants started 6-2 and promptly lost five in a row, very generous of them, until they beat the Cowboys whom they trailed by 12 late in the fourth quarter only to have the Dallas give that lead and game away.  That meant both teams were going into this past weekend with identical 7-6 records.  Dallas played a good half and defeated Tampa Bay while New York got back in the giving mood by losing at home to Washington 23-10.  The good news?  The teams mostly play each other to finish out the season, the bad news?  The teams mostly play each other to finish out the season.  When will all the giving stop?  When will one of these teams step up and take control of the division?  That remains to be seen.  It will be fun to watch though.  May the least mediocre team win.

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