Now It’s On II

Second Row: The Hat (hatless) and The Nicktator relaxing (Saban as relaxed as he can be with cameras in his face) at the Heisman Ceremony.

The Bowl season is under way now and we are two weeks away from the National Championship game.  This year the question isn’t if the SEC will win a sixth consecutive title, it’s which SEC school will take the trophy home?

The rematch talk started forever ago, and really got rolling after LSU won 9-6 in Tuscaloosa.  Detractors said they had already seen this game and didn’t want to see this again.  True, but we’ve also seen high scoring teams from other conferences step to the SEC in title games only to get smacked down.  The BCS, as messed up as it is, is designed to put the two best teams in the country in the title game.  LSU is the best team in the country.  Who gave them their most challenging game this year?  Alabama.  The Tide are a couple of field goals away from being in LSU’s shoes.

No disrespect to Stanford or Oklahoma State, but the way the current flawed system is set up, they should have taken care of their business on the field.  Stanford, you need to beat Oregon instead of getting blown out 53-30.  Oklahoma State, when you’re up on Iowa State 24-7 at the half, play the second half the same way you played the first and finish them off instead of losing 37-31 .  Beat them the way you beat Oklahoma the following week and then we can talk.

Besides, The Hat was ready to do it all again right after round 1 was over.  That was his quote to Tracy Wolfson on the field right after they beat Alabama.  Gotta love Les, always two steps ahead of the game in his own quirky way.  Like it or not the rematch will happen.  SEC haters can’t do anything but sit and watch and hope their conference can break through next year.  LSU went to Tuscalossa and won in November.  Can Alabama win the title in a “neutral site” game in Baton Rouge?  I don’t think so.  I think The Hat gets the best of The Nicktator again.  Only 13 more days, as Bart Scott would say, “Can’t Wait!!”

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