Something Has to Give

If San Fran's run D does what it does, Brees will have to pass the Saints to victory.

Well, kind of.  The 49ers don’t have the number one pass defense in the league.  But they do have a tough, rugged, aggressive defense.  They are first against the rush, but only middle of the pack against the pass.  How will they handle Drew Brees and the Saints high powered offense?

Will they do what they do, squash the run and see what happens?  Will they sell out to limit the pass and (gasp!) actually be vulnerable to the run for a change?  How about the Saints?  They have a few questions as well.  

As we all know, they are pretty much automatic in the SuperDome.  They were a perfect 8-0 at home this year, all three of their losses were on the road.  The weather for San Francisco will be pretty mild.  New Orleans bristles at being labeled a “Dome Team”.  But they can be a different team outdoors.  I think they will get it done in the passing game, even if it means that they have to be one dimensional.  It will be very close, but they will find a way.

As for the other games, I think it’s the end of the line for Tim Tebow and the Broncos in New England.  The Ravens will be to much for Houston to handle, and I’m going to take the Giants to upset Green Bay.

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