Hang in There

Martin and the Rockets have pulled themselves up off of the mat, now the key is to stay up. photo:zimbio.com

This goes for the team as well as myself.  When Kevin McHale was hired as the new head coach, let’s just say I wasn’t all that impressed, enthused, or excited about it.  Honestly I was still cool with Rick Adelman and the job he did with what he had to or didn’t have to work with.  When the Rockets stumbled out of the gate to a 3-7 start, I was borderline apathetic.

But they are currently in the midst of turning things around,  they’ve won six in a row going into tonight’s game in Minnesota against Rick Adelman’s Timberwolves.  It would be easy to be overly negative and nitpick things about this season.  The Rockets are strong at home, 7-1, but only 2-6 on the road.  There haven’t been a lot of quality wins as they’ve struggled against the upper echelon teams in both conferences.  The recent wins over the Spurs and Blazers in the last week and a half have been nice to see.  But a six game winning streak is a six game winning streak.  Every win is valuable, especially in the West, and you take each and every win you can get.

Winning on the road is never easy, and tonight will be no exception.  Adelman will be very familiar with the Rockets personnel and he is already making his presence felt on this young Minnesota squad.  Kevin Love, the best 4 man in the game is doing what he does and young Ricky Rubio has added some flash and excitement at the point guard spot.  At 7-9 the improved T-Wolves are in the same boat as Houston, hanging in there themselves.  Hopefully the Rockets can extend the winning streak to seven games and continue to remain in the mix in the competitive Southwest division.  Scola, Dalembert and the rest of the bigs have got to show up, because we know the best 4 man in the game definitely will.

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