The Badge Is Back

Cal has been on guard every since UK regained the top spot.

Once The Cuse slipped up at Notre Dame over the weekend, the Cats moved back into the top spot, receiving all of the first place votes.  No sooner than the news was out Coach Cal went into precautionary mode.  He talked about a loss being good for the Cats and how they just might need to take one on the chin to see how they would handle things.

Is that coach speak?  Yep.  Cal just being Cal? Of course.  But there is some truth what he’s saying.  Could the Cats run the table and finish a perfect 16-0 in SEC play?  Sure, it’s happened before.  Could they have a few speed bumps and drop a few games and still have a solid regular season?  That could happen as well.  He’s just prepping them for what’s ahead.  They already get everybody’s best shot.  Being ranked number one will just motivate teams to find a way to somehow play even more out of their minds when facing Kentucky.

I’ve said and always will say that it’s a gradual progression.  March is the ultimate goal, that’s when you want to be peaking.  This team is supremely talented, it showed against Arkansas.  They are gradually learning how much toughness is required to grind out games when they aren’t clicking on all cylinders.  That’s the sign of a team making progress.  They appear to be better prepared to handle being ranked #1 this time around.

Tonight against Georgia (10-9, 1-4 SEC) will be tough, but they should take care of business.  A win tonight would give UK it’s third SEC road win of the season and guarantee an improvement over last year’s 2-6 mark.  Georgia has been inconsistent at best.  They jumped up and bit an improving Tennessee team, winning 57-53 and then turned around and lost 66-63 to Ole Miss.  No worries though, we can all rest assured that they will come out with guns blazing tonight, just like everybody else. 

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