Can’t Spell Kryptonite Without a NY

Experience is the best teacher. Tom and Eli have it, being the only duo to beat Brady and Belichick in a Super Bowl.

It might be deja vu all over again all over again when the Patriots and Giants meet in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis on February 5.  Dating back to 2007, the Giants have won two out of the last three match ups, including the classic they played in  Super Bowl XLII which New York won 17-14.  New England won their 2007 regular season match up 38-35 on their way to a perfect 16-0 season.  Since then, even though they don’t play often, New York has had the Patriots number.  It’s hard to expect the games between the two of them to be shootouts because the Giants just won’t allow them to be. 

New York won the game earlier this season 24-20.  Eli drove them down the field in the final minutes and directed a come from behind victory.  The self proclaimed elite quarterback, can’t spell elite without a Eli, has walked the walk this season.  He set the all time record for fourth quarter touchdowns in a single season this year.  When he’s facing a third and long, it’s as if he has the defense right where he wants them.  The Giants have been unbelievable converting third downs.  Sunday against San Francisco was no different as they converted 7 of 21 third down opportunities.

That said Manning will still get a little pick happy every now and then.  He forced me to put things in Chuck Norris terms versus the 49ers.  Eli Manning doesn’t dodge bullets, bullets dodge Eli Manning.  Eli tried his best to throw two picks Sunday, tried his absolute best.  But it wasn’t to be because the San Francisco DB’s resembled AA outfielders shagging fly balls on the first day of Spring Training.  Their collisions nullified the two potential  interceptions they could have had.  Instead it was San Fran with two costly errors and the Giants moved on with a 20-17 win.

A lot has changed since these teams played in Super Bowl XLII.  Players have come and gone, the same is true for coaches and coordinators.  Some things remain the same though.  Tom Brady is still playing at a very high level and the Giants defense can still get after the quarterback with that front four.  Michael Strahan will be watching as an analyst but Justin Pierre-Paul has added youth to the mix alongside Tuck and Osi.  Can Brady get the ball his to tight ends Gronk and Hernandez before that vicious pass rush gets to him?  It will be fun to watch, I think the game will be played in the high teens to low twenties again and Coughlin and Manning and the defense will again be kryptonite to the Patriots’ Superman.   

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